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2024 FOSTER CITY LEGENDS (March 17 - May 19, 202r)

A training program for 5-7 year olds of Foster City Little League.

Legends is an eight week program, beginning in mid-March, one hour per week (dates and times are below) which utilizes advanced, but gamified, baseball training exercises uniquely geared toward players in the 5-7yo range.

Rain Update:  On those days when rain appears to be a possibility, at noon each day we will post a final rainout decision on this page (pls bookmark now).


Purpose: (1) Utilization of fun games to teach basic baseball skills to registered FCLL players ages 5-7yo in preparation for their next level of play; and (2) to educate and motivate parents in working with their little players at home and possibly becoming coaches. Training will be more skills development, less “how to play the game.”

Concept: A voluntary clinic (one 1 hour clinic per week for 8 weeks).  Parents stay, participate, and help their players with the drills.  No drop-off.  No need to register, ok to miss a session here or there.  Last 10 minutes of each hour includes a parent talk.  See topics below. 

Dates/Times: Legends is eight weeks, one hour per week. Clinic dates and times are below.

Location: Sea Cloud Park.  Meet at Snack Shack and look for us.  

Skills Taught: Batting; Throwing/Catching; Fielding Grounders and Fly Balls

Costs: Free, costs was included in your registration fee.

Voluntary: This is voluntary if you want to supplement what you are learning at practice and in games.  You are not required to come.  Although once a player has come to a Legends clinic, (s)he may skip some or all future clinics, we strongly encourage all players and parents to continue on and finish the remaining clinics.

Equipment Required: Same equipment you are using for your current division of play.  

**Parents must REMAIN and must not leave their children.  Please do not drop off.  

2024 SCHEDULE- Sundays at 2pm


PARENT EDUCATION TOPICS (last 10 mins of each hour)

Week 1 (3/17/24, 3pm): 1st Parent meeting and first clinic. Overall plan for 8 weeks.  Encourage parent participation (FC ... "we are a baseball town!").

Week 2 (3/24/24, 3pm): How to pick a baseball glove and cleats.

Week 3 (4/14/24, 3pm): How to choose a bat. What’s a drop, two piece, composite, and aluminum?

Week 4 (4/21/24, 3pm): The various divisions in baseball, which ball do they use, when are tryouts, coach pitch, steals, why the funny team names.

Week 5 (4/28/24, 3pm): Drills that can be done at home.

Week 6 (5/5/24, 3pm):  Summer Camps and private instruction

Week 7 (5/12/23, 3pm): Fall Ball and Travel Ball

Week 8 (5/19/24, 3pm): Sunglasses, Season Wrap Up

Ok, now you’re ready kids.  Enjoy the season!  Go out there and wow them!  Tell them “I learned that at FC Legends!”

…. and remember, we win games in practice!




Coach Jason Louie (& Coach Christian Louie):

(415) 816-2518 (cell/text);






What Equipment Do I Need When?

In Tee Ball (1 and 2) it is mandatory that you have an athletic cup ($15) (no cup, no play game!!!), a bat ($10-$50), and a baseball glove ($35).  The FCLL local rules do not mandate baseball cleats ($15-$30), but it is very easy to slip on the wet grass in the early part of the season if cleats are not worn.  Slipping can cause injury.  Batting helmets ($18-$35) must be worn and are supplied by the league, or you may buy your own helmet if you do not want to use a “communal” helmet.  Starting at A Division, you must use your own helmet.


When will I need to buy cleats?

See above.  You must use “molded” cleats with a rubber sole (as compared to metal).  Metal cleats are not allowed until you are a teenage.


I’m lost, Tee Balls vs. Hard Balls, Coach Pitch vs. Kid Pitch, etc.?


How do I find the official rules for each Division?

Very General Division Descriptions.

Description of rules for each specific division.


Is there a Chart that I can look at that tells me which size baseball bat or glove for my little baller?





When buying a baseball glove, does it matter if I buy a pitcher’s, outfielder, or infielder’s glove?

NO!  Not in AA and below.  Just be careful, don’t buy a catcher’s or first baseman’s glove, as those are very much specialty gloves for those specific positions.  The key is, can the player open and close the glove?


Are batting gloves required?

NO!  These are optional.  But the 6 year old with the coolest batting gloves is usually the most popular kid on the team.


Is buying online cheaper than in stores?

Sometimes, but not always.  Plus many prefer to support local businesses. 

One disadvantage of buying online is that you cannot try out the equipment before you buy.  Here are some tips.

This site tests and rates bats!  Lots of videos!

This local business (Future Pro in Millbrae) is the only Bay Area store that allows you to hit bats BEFORE you buy them!

Baseball Mecca: There is a store in San Leandro which is like baseball Costco.  Good prices too! (You may see me there!)

Here are common online baseball equipment sites which also often have clearance sections!:


Ok, I've Read Everything Here and on FCLL.  I'm Still Hungry for Info.  Who do I talk to?

Coach Jason or any FCLL Board of Director member.


Good Luck!!!

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