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T-Ball 1 Rules

The following is a summary of some of the local rules in the TB1 T-Ball Division in Foster City Little League Baseball.  A full explanation of all the rules can be found in the Official Regulations and Playing Rules of Little League Baseball.

TB1 teams will be for children who are league age 5 and who have no prior T-Ball / baseball experience.  Boys and girls will play together on the same team.  All male players must be properly equipped with an athletic supporter and cup.  This is a non-competitive division.  No scores, standings or batting averages are kept.  The emphasis is placed on instruction, learning basic baseball skills and teamwork.  There shall not be any pressure placed on any player to "win."  Having fun is of utmost importance and should be stressed by all coaches, managers and parents at all times.

Teams will play an 11-game schedule, with games played on Saturdays, and 1 optional practice per week.  Games do not have a set number of innings (3 innings is typical) but cannot last longer than 60 minutes, making sure that each side has the same number of at-bats.  All players bat every inning and the inning ends after the last player has hit.

All players play defense every inning. There are two (2) defensive pitchers, five (5) infielders (one near each base and one between 1st and 2nd and one between 2nd and 3rd), and the rest of the players will be positioned in the outfield.  Outfielders will start each play at least fifteen (15) feet behind each base.  There is no catcher position.  Players will rotate positions every inning giving all players an equal opportunity to play different positions. Players will play both infield and outfield positions each game to the extent that there are enough players to fill each position.

 A "Soft-Touch" baseball will be used to reduce the possibility of injury.  Non-metal cleats are permitted, and in fact, encouraged because of the potential for wet slippery grass.

Players must wear their uniform to play and any sweatshirts or turtlenecks must be worn under the player's jersey. No jackets will be permitted while a player is batting, running or playing in the field.

The batter will get five (5) attempts to hit the ball off the tee. If the batter misses the 5th attempt, the coach or manager will assist him/her in hitting the ball so the batter can run the bases. There are no walks in T-Ball. Players must be instructed not to throw the bat. If a batter throws a bat, he/she will receive a warning on the first occasion. On the second occasion, the manager will not allow the player to bat for the balance of the game, but play in the field.

All offensive players must be behind the safety screen waiting their turn to bat. There will be no on-deck circle. Two adult coaches are allowed to be with their team in the field while on defense.  They must stand behind the infielders.

Players that are tagged or forced out will not be retired from the base paths.

A batter/runner will advance only one base after each hit.  There will be no advancing on an overthrow.  Bunting, stealing and sliding are not allowed. There is no infield fly rule. All players get a trophy at the end of the season for participation, and get to keep their uniforms.

The number one objective is to HAVE FUN!

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