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Majors Rules



(below are our previous rules and they are not in effect for the 2022 spring season to the degree that they conflict with the Little League Rulebook).

Updated Dec 08, 2019


Following are the local rules for the Majors Division of Foster City Little League Baseball.  A full explanation of all the rules can be found in the Official Regulations and Playing Rules of Little League Baseball.



All male players must be properly equipped with an athletic supporter and cup.

Catchers must wear a mask with a dangling throat protector, and a catcher’s helmet during practice, pitcher warm-up and games.

Pitchers are required to wear sneakers or turf shoes when pitching from the mound on turf fields (Sea Cloud B1, B3 and B4).

No Adult can catch infield pregame or during the game to warm up the pitcher.  Only a player is allowed to catch and they MUST wear a catcher’s mask with a throat protector at all times.

No one except eligible players in uniform, managers and not more than two coaches shall occupy the bench or dugout area. 

For safety bat boys and bat girls are not permitted.

The batter, all base runners and players acting as coaches, must wear helmets at all times.

There will be no on-deck circle.  Players may not take warm-up swings either inside or outside the dugout. 

There shall be no head-first sliding to a base a runner is attempting to reach.  A player is allowed to slide head first back to the base he already legally gained possession of.  Example:  A runner on first may not slide head first into second on a ground ball.  He may, however, dive head first back to first base on a line drive in an attempt not to be put out.



If a batter throws a bat, he/she will receive a warning on the first occasion. On the second occasion it will be an immediate dead ball out and the manager will be notified that the player may not bat for the balance of the game, but may play in the field.

The umpire’s judgment shall be final. No appeals shall be allowed, and no explanation of the judgment shall be necessary. Managers and coaches are expected to refrain from delaying the game by questioning the judgment of the call.



Pre-season games will not count towards the standings. Each team will then play all other teams three times during the regular season, if possible; there shall be a minimum of 12 regular season games. There will be two games per week (1 weekday and 1 Saturday).   There will be a double elimination championship tournament at the end of the season.



Games are six (6) innings long.  If a game is shortened for weather or darkness etc. it is a regulation game if 4 innings have been completed, or if the home team is ahead after 3 and ½ innings. If a game is called before it has become a regulation game and 1 or more innings have been played, it shall be resumed exactly where it left off.  For all regular season Saturday games, including the last game of the day, no inning may start after 105 minutes (1 hour, 45 minutes). If a new inning has started just before 105 minutes then that inning will be completed regardless of time.


All Players available for the game will bat in continuous order.   Each player on the team must play a minimum of four (4) innings per game (only two innings are required in a shortened game). If a player does not complete minimum play, that player must then start the next scheduled game, fulfill the playing obligation from the last game and at least the minimum play for the current game before being taken out.   Violation of the minimum play rules will result in a warning, then a possible suspension of the manager by the League’s Board of Directors.

To speed up the game when there are two outs, pitchers and/or catchers on the bases may have a pinch runner (last out with continuous batting) to allow for the next inning to begin promptly. A courtesy runner must be reported to the home plate umpire.


This rule was deleted by Little League Baseball, Inc..


The home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout and will be responsible for making sure the bases are out and returned after weekday games and the last game on Saturday.

No one except eligible players in uniform, managers and not more than two coaches shall occupy the bench or dugout area. 



Please refer to pitch count rules page for the full set of rules.



The pitcher need only be on the mound with the ball, and the catcher in the catcher's box with his/her mask and glove on. The runners shall return to the last base safely reached. The runners are not to stay off the base in an attempt to draw a play. The umpires shall instruct the runners to return if necessary. If a pitcher makes a play on a runner, the umpires will let the play continue and the runners shall be in jeopardy, but eligible to advance if not put out. The purpose of this rule is to speed up play and prevent drawn out pitcher-runner exercises. Umpire should attempt to control this in the spirit of the rule.



There will be two scorekeepers, preferably supplied by the League.  If the League supplies only one, the Home team will supply a second scorekeeper who will work at the direction of the League scorekeeper.  If no League scorekeeper is available, each of the Home and Visiting teams will supply a scorekeeper, with the Visiting scorekeeper working at the direction of the Home Scorekeeper. 



The batter is allowed to run to 1st base if the 3rd strike is dropped by the catcher.

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